Lost & Losing

by Profits

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This is the second of three 6 song EPs to be released 6 months from one another.


released December 22, 2013

Recorded with Jay Maas and Daniel Florez at Getaway Recording Studio in Haverhill MA



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Profits Lowell, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Corners & Spotlights
How 'bout some words to start this off... Number one, I know that I am lost, but everyone sometimes needs help and for the first time, I'll admit it to myself.

And Oh…I'm forgetting what I believe. And Oh… I have lost that part of me. Or maybe I am just losing my mind. Or maybe I'm starting to see through lies. "In God we trust" the dollar is telling us, but the money is just used to control us.

But I believe that heaven exists on earth and because of greed its only for the elite. And whats the point of getting what you want, if you can only have it when you die? Just pay your taxes and die.
Track Name: Losing Race
We've never been ahead, but we have never been this far behind.
A map with no coordinates, an empty gas tank, and no compass.
The crew turns on the captain, now!

And I believe that there will be no search party, so we must count on ourselves. And yet we act like rats and we drag each other down, even though we can not swim.

Is our destiny predetermined?
Are we running a race we cannot win?
Track Name: Captain Planet
Time is running out for us to turn this around, and stop poisoning our world. We can see that the money isn't real, but our greed is too strong and now there is more hatred than love.

And there's oil in our oceans.
And there's bombs falling from skies.
There's poison in our water supply, and T.V.'s poisoning our minds.

There's a liquor store on every corner, and a bar not far behind. There's a pharmacy in every neighborhood, and everybody's getting high.

Is it too late to save ourselves and so we're taking every down with us? If we can not save ourselves then we'll take everything down with us.

It's too late to change. And so in god we'll trust, instead of our neighbors, and who cares about this planet because Jesus will save us.
Track Name: Empathy Vs. Apathy (The Precarious Cage Match)
A girl drops out of school because her boyfriend got her pregnant, then sure as taxes he just left her. And so she works late night drive-thru, but with a child to support, it isn't like she has a choice.

And who, who or what is really to blame?
If we are all Gods children, why do some get the short end of the stick? And why does it have to be that some are born into poverty while some are given everything.

A boy, just starting life. His mother's working late nights and his father is not around. He's left alone at such a young age. He starts a criminal career, cause that's the poison surrounding him.

And who, who or what is really to blame?
We're so good at pointing fingers, and so bad at lending a hand.
And why does it have to be we live in a world of apathy instead of a world of empathy?
Track Name: The Cold News (Revelation)
The cold news chills me deep inside.
With this needle in my skin, it helps to take it off my mind.
And she said "If I could, Son I would take away your pain." And you know what? I feel that same way.
Ok? Ok.
So we will fight this everyday until the end. That's just how it is. That's just how its always been.
Ok? Ok.
And we will fight this with every breath we take. Every second...Of every day. Just don't stop believing that this can get better and always remember what really matters.

Because no matter what, eventually this life will end.
When you're old and weak and gray, in your hospital bed.
And you're thinking, and you're thinking back on your life.
The only things that matter, will be right by your side.
Track Name: The Cold News II (Realization)
Suddenly it hits me and I cannot stop crying.
A tidal wave of emotion that I cannot control.

And now I'm gasping out for air...
I'm biting on my lip and my face is turning red.
A mix of shock, sadness, and fear.
It's the cold news nobody wants to hear.

Coming to a realization, sitting right there, on my cell phone. Confirming the cold news, I could just tell by their tone.

And I always knew this day would come.
I always knew this day would come.
I always knew this day would come, just not yet.
I'm so scared.

Sometimes my mind's my enemy.
Working overtime when I just need some sleep.
This kind of shit will only steal your dreams and lead you to a break down.