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First of three 6 song EPs we will be releasing.


released June 22, 2013

Jay Maas made this album good at Get Away Recording studio.



all rights reserved


Profits Lowell, Massachusetts

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Track Name: High, My Name Is...
I am an addict, I am a user.
I'm a dependent substance abuser.
I can't believe I've come to this... I justify my misfortunes.

I surround myself with all these people who share my problems and my burdens.
And can't believe I've become this... When I bring myself to the mirror.

And I... I swear I'm done.
And I... I swear it's not my fault.
And I... I swear that I will just have a little bit... and justify my misfortunes.

And I know it can't go on this way.
And I know that it could kill me someday.
But for whatever reason, I do not know the reason, I can't change.
Track Name: Keep On The Grass
When I'm high I feel fine.
With no reason why I should not.

I'm thinkin that this modern day prohibition has got to stop
because too many lives have been ruined by both drugs and cops.

When the only real drug problem, is scoring really good drugs, when will we learn our lesson?

The corner store has finer scotch, but where can I score some sour diesel?

We just want what is ours. Keep your laws off of our lawn.
Track Name: Poisons
Ecstacy and coke ain't love its poison.
Schools where i learned should burn- teach poison.
Physicians prescripting us with medicine, which is poison.

Doctors injecting infants with poison.
Religion misoverstood is poison
A privately owned fed reserve is poison.
Money is poison.

Halliburton and Monsanto: poison.
White Jesus and Columbus: poison.
Fighting a war to keep a peace is poison.

White girls tanning and liposuction; fake titties, that's life destruction.
Skull and cross bones, warning labels, poison.

It's poison.

The CIA sells drugs to thugs to poison the ghettos, while these puppets politicians try to poison your mind.
Open your eyes.
See through their lies and poison.
Track Name: God Bless Duh-Merica
God bless Duh-Merica,
the land of the thief and the home of the slave.
The democratic war machine
that hasn't seen a single generation of peace.

"We're" not good at math, but "we're" number one.
The dollar is sacred and have enough you're above the law.

Educated with uneducation.
Laws against humanity, protecting corporate interests.

God bless Duh-Merica.
The land of prodigal spending and shopping malls.
The republican war machine, with five times the defense budget of any country.

Cant you see, that our government's an addict? with militant complex.
And you say you don't support the war, what do you think that the money from your taxes is for?

God bless Duh-Merica.
The golden place with the golden rule.
Whoever has all the gold, gets to decide all of the rules.

God bless Duh-Merica.
God bless Duh-Merica.
God bless Duh-Merica.
Track Name: Just a Shame
This isn't a game, and we can not just start over
from a decaying foundation, cause we will fracture then we'll crumble.

And it may not be our fault, but it is on us to respond.
And its a shame that it has come to this.
it's a shame, its a shame, its a shame.

its just a shame that nothing is changing.
its just a shame, that we live life this way.

and i do not get the joke, about understanding and love.
yeah, i do not really see whats so funny
about peace, a world in peace and harmony.
Track Name: A Billion Bees
The poison in our minds is greed.
Thinking all we need is more money.
Yet everyone's this way... including me? Yeah.

And nothing is gonna change.
Everything will stay this way.
When we're just a billion bees and the keeper always takes away the honey.

Between you and me, I don't know how much more I can take.
At least Mr. Morrison was right.
No ones getting out of here alive.

And baby... everyone that lives, will someday die, and that is a fact. Maybe everyone that lives and dies, someday comes back.