How Sublime

from by Profits



She wakes up, fucked up, with her things spread across the floor.
Her make up, smeared across her face, she can't remember the night before.
She doesn't know why but she hurts.
Something is wrong and she can't put her finger on it.
Cuts and bruises she can't explain.
She is broken and she can't stop shaking.

But he was drunk, and having fun, and he didn't know he had the disease.
When her back was turned, he slipped it in her drink, so he could be sure it'd be a sure thing.

And no one said a word when she passed out.
No one said a thing when he carried her out into a room and made everyone leave.
No one ever said a thing.

So she went down to the hospital, she was anxiously awaiting her test results, but what she found out she could not believe.
The doctor was positive that she was positively positive.
She she went up to the top of her building and she jumped off.
And as she fell toward the pavement, all she could think is "Where were my friends?"


from Sure as Taxes, released October 16, 2014



all rights reserved


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